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Here at 'Follow Your Wellies' we want to encourage you to do just that - put on your boots and join your child on an adventure!  With greater freedom to move, explore and express themselves preschool children are discovering new ways of learning throughout every area of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It's an exciting journey and we would love to share our experiences with you.


There are so many learning opportunities to be had outside; observing the changing seasons and weather, finding out about animal and plant life, identifying shapes, colours, textures and patterns as well as limitless opportunities to climb, crawl, run, jump and balance. Encouraging the children to discover the sights, sounds, smell and feel of nature, opens the door to new discoveries.


‘Follow your wellies’ sessions are suitable for children of preschool age (under 5 years). Most parents come with a child who can walk, and also babies in prams and backpacks.  Each session is £3 per child with an activity, drink and snack provided. Check out our events page for venues, dates and times.


So come on! Let's brave the elements and see what we can discover......